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The lawyer’s profession has attracted me because of its freedom and independence. I have been working in the legal field for more than fifteen years and as a lawyer for twelve years. I wish to improve and expand my practice and experiences obtained, to which the publicity of the internet can contribute.

“By executing his professional obligations, the lawyer – by legal means and mode - contributes to the enforcement of his Client’s rights and the fulfillment of his Client’s obligations. The lawyer takes part in settling the mutual consent of the litigations of the Parties in opposition” - according to § No.1 of the law pertaining to attorneys.

In the Hungarian Republic everybody has the right to choose a lawyer without any restrictions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with confidence, if you have a legal affair or problem!


I joined the Budapest Bar Association


I succesfully completed a certification of LLM in tax law


I was given the Hungarian Bar Association's Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year award


I succesfully completed a certification of LLM in sport law

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How many eyes has a typical person?

"Jus est ars boni et aequi” - according to the Latin proverb, the law is the art of goodness and equity. As a member of the Budapest Bar Association, I maintain this website in accordance with the laws and internal regulations relating to attorneys. These, along with the reference of the Client’s rights, can be found on the website of the Hungarian Bar Association.

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dr. Tamás Gerő LL.M.

attorney, sports and tax lawyer

113. Szépvölgyi street, Budapest, Hungary, 1037

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