Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences   1995-2000
"Komlósi" Education Center of Media, Budapest   1997-1998
Városmajor Grammar School, Budapest   1991-1995
Foreign Language Skills    
State Examination at Intermediate Level   1993
Cambridge First Certificate   1994
Certificate of the British Council Course in Advanced Two   1999
Course of study in Legal English entitled Contract Law   2008
State Examination at Intermediate Level   1996
Spanish:   2013-

 Work Experiences

In June of 2000, I successfully finished my studies at the university and received my Law Degree.
From September of 2000 till January of 2001, I worked as a lawyer-candidate at the Law Office of Galló-Molnár where I specialized in criminal law. Following, at the Law Office of G. Horgos my area of concentration was civil law. Since June of 2001, I have been working at the Law Office of Muskovszky. Having successfully passed my legal examinations in June of 2004, I was admitted as an attorney to the Bar Association of Budapest. Currently, I mostly deal with litigation and cases concerning criminal law (mainly  white-collar crimes), real estate, company law, employment, family, sports and immigration law.

In 2010 I successfully completed a certification in tax law and I became a tax lawyer.

In 2017 I succesfully completed a certification in sports law and I became a sports lawyer.

From 2016 I am the president of the "Union of Attorneys for Democracy and Rule of Law" in Hungary.

Dr. Tamás Gerő


I joined the Budapest Bar Association


I succesfully completed a certification of LLM in tax law


I was given the Hungarian Bar Association's Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year award


I succesfully completed a certification of LLM in sport law

"Jus est ars boni et aequi” - according to the Latin proverb, the law is the art of goodness and equity. As a member of the Budapest Bar Association, I maintain this website in accordance with the laws and internal regulations relating to attorneys. These, along with the reference of the Client’s rights, can be found on the website of the Hungarian Bar Association.

Contact datas

dr. Tamás Gerő LL.M.

attorney, sports and tax lawyer

113. Szépvölgyi street, Budapest, Hungary, 1037

Phone/fax: +36-1-3882389

Mobile: +36 30 2657101

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